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 Plant Cell 21.02.2009 14:54  пользователем Peter Belobrov

Физика, химия и биология растительной клетки


 Plant embryo-W 06.08.2009 13:07  пользователем Peter Belobrov

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_embryogenesisPlant embryogenesisFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis article needs additional citations for verification.Please help improve this article by adding reliable references ... is the process that produces a plant embryo from a fertilised ovule by asymmetric cell division and the differentiation of undifferentiated cells into tissues and organs. It occurs during seed ...


 Wiki 24.10.2009 9:37  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... wiki/PlasmodesmaPlasmodesmaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPlasmodesma allow molecules to travel between plant cells through the symplastic pathwayThe structure of a primary plasmodesma. CW=Cell wallCA ...


 Клетка 24.10.2009 10:03  пользователем Peter Belobrov

URLрастительных600 x 372 - 74k - jpgplant.geoman.ruрастительной клетки.800 x 874 - 260k - jpgplant.geoman.ruрастительной клетки580 x 600 - 104k - jpgzr.molbiol.ru ... plant.geoman.ruрастительной клетки580 x 600 - 104k - jpgzr.molbiol.ruPlant Cell Anatomy478 x 401 - 19k - gifenchantedlearning.comPlantCell500 x 375 - 61k - gif ...


 Геном риса 04.11.2009 21:34  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... M., Denyer K., Martin C. The synthesis of the starch granule. Ann. Rev. of Plant Physiol, and Plant Mol. Biol., 1997, 48: 67-87.5.  Myers A.M., Morell M ... metabolic system for amylopectin biosynthesis in plants: rice endosperm as a model tissue. Plant Cell Physiol., 2002, 43: 718-725.11.  Fontaine Т., D' Hu1st C, Madde1ein M.L. e ...


 Морфогенез in vitro 06.09.2009 12:41  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... с.Zimmerman J.L. Somatic Embryogenesis: A Model for Early Development in Higher Plants // Plant Cell. 1993. V. 5. P. 1411–1423.Дьяков Ю.Т., Шнырева А.В., Сергеев А ...


 Wiki 28.08.2009 11:22  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... and the organization of the mitotic and meiotic spindle apparatusseparating the chromosomes during cell division. The MTOC is the site of microtubule nucleation and can be visualized in cells ... spindle formation.Contents [hide]1 Centrosome2 Basal body3 Spindle pole body4 Plant MTOCs5 External links[edit]CentrosomeMain article: CentrosomeMost animal cells during interphase have ...

Cell Motors Class

 0_TOC 05.10.2009 0:12  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... TOC&depth=2 Acknowledgments Preface A Note to the Reader I. Introduction to the Cell 1. Cells and Genomes 2. Cell Chemistry and Biosynthesis 3. Proteins II. Basic Genetic Mechanisms ... Extracellular Matrix Cell Junctions Cell-Cell Adhesion The Extracellular Matrix of Animals Integrins The Plant Cell Wall References 20. Germ Cells and Fertilization The Benefits of Sex Meiosis Primordial Germ ...


 Явление 24.10.2009 9:50  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... B. Problems of morphogenesis in situin vivo and in vitro // Proc. Int. Symp. “Plant tissue and cell culture application to crop improvement”. Prague, 1984. P. 43–56.Batygina T ...


 АК код Science 17.12.2009 7:23  пользователем Peter Belobrov

... into eukaryotic cells in order to manipulate cellular processes. TAL (transcriptionactivator–like) effectors from plant pathogenic Xanthomonas are important virulence factors that act as transcriptional activators in the plant cell ...


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