Build 3.0

IRGSP Releases Build 3.0 Pseudomolecules of Rice Genome

The International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP) has updated the rice Nipponbare genome sequences assembled as reference molecules with the release of the Build 3.0 pseudomolecules.

As in previous versions (Build 2.0) of the pseudomolecules, the nucleotide sequence representing the entire chromosome was constructed by joining the sequence of each PAC/BAC clone based on the order of the clones on the physical map. The overlapping sequences were removed and the physical gaps were replaced by successive Ns.

The Build 3.0 pseudomolecules were constructed based on the data freeze on 30 June 2004. The total number of nucleotides (excluding Ns) is 370,733,456 corresponding to the completed sequence of more than 97% of PAC/BAC/fosmid clones.

The current pseudomolecules served as the template for manual curation of annotation in conjunction with the First Rice Annotation Project Meeting (RAP1) which was held in Tsukuba, December 13-18, 2004. The RAP1 database will be released soon.

The updated sequence data for each chromosome (from the short arm to the long arm) are available under the following accessions in the public databases with gene models published in Nature(436, 793-800).

chromosome1 AP008207 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome2 AP008208 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome3 AP008209 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome4 AP008210 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome5 AP008211 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome6 AP008212 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome7 AP008213 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome8 AP008214 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome9 AP008215 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome10 AP008216 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome11 AP008217 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)
chromosome12 AP008218 (HTML,FTP), Gene model(Multi fasta)

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