клетки in vitro

Plant tissue culture "immunity" Results about 6,130 19/12/10 but about 64,800 2/1/11
Plant tissue culture conifer "immunity" Results 1 - 83 2010-1011
Plant tissue culture barcode "immunity" about 856
Plant tissue culture marker "immunity" about 34,000
Plant tissue culture marker conifer "immunity" Results 1 - 48  2010-1011
Plant tissue culture biomarker "immunity" about 6,300
Clonal micropropagation 
Google примерно 31,700 
Scholar Google about 10,300
2010 about 579
Clonal micropropagation "Butenko" about 118
Clonal micropropagation "immunity" about 211
Plant tissue culture "immunity" about 65,000
2010 Plant tissue culture "immunity" about 6,130
Somatic tissue culture (Micropropagation, callus ...
Results 1 - 100 of about 6,130
[HTML] from pnas.orgD Lu, S Wu, X Gao, Y Zhang… - Proceedings of the …, 2010 - National Acad Sciences
... whether the distinct signaling output mediated by BAK1 and BIK1 in the control of plant immunity
and development ... and diluted to the desired density with H 2 O. For the 4-week-old plant flg22
protection ... were grown in 1/2 MS medium for 10 days in a 12-well tissue culture plate. ... 
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A Block, M Guo, G Li, C Elowsky… - Cellular …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... in a genome-wide screen for T3Es and was confirmed to be secreted in culture by DC3000 ... can
also sup- press ETI, it suggests that HopG1 may target components of plant immunity common
to ... The plant tissue was stained with aniline blue and callose foci were enumerated. ... 
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HS Oh, DH Park… - Molecular Plant-Microbe …, 2010 - Am Phytopath Society
... translocates into plant cells multiple effectors that suppress pathogen-associated molecular pattern
(PAMP)- triggered immunity (PTI). P. syringae pv. tomato DC3000 no longer delivers the T3SS
translocation reporter AvrPto-Cya in Nicotiana benthamiana leaf tissue in which ... 
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NH Loc, NH Bach, TG Kim… - Protein expression and purification, 2010 - Elsevier
... Preliminary work showed that 90% shoots rooted with 2–3 cm in length (Fig. 2). Generally, we
have cultured successfully P. pellucida plant in in vitro condition, and to our knowledge there
is no information available concerning tissue culture of this plant species. ... 
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I Shikano, JD Ericsson, JS Cory… - Basic and Applied Ecology, 2010 - Elsevier
... Herbivores may increase their total consumption of plant tissue to compensate for low nutrient
concentration, either ... much slower on cucumber, larvae spent different times on each host plant
to reach ... E. coli (K12 strain) was grown overnight in Luria–Bertani culture broth at 37 °C ... 
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LR Sabin, SL Hanna… - Current opinion in immunology, 2010 - Elsevier
... many of these new findings will likely play fundamental roles in innate immunity in vertebrates. ...
two groups have deep sequenced the small RNAs present in FHV-infected tissue culture cells
[[27 ... using a panel of transgenic fly lines carrying viral suppressors from plant and insect ... 
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G Kohut, B Oláh, AL Ádám… - Journal of Basic …, 2010 - interscience.wiley.com
... Adenylyl cyclase regulates heavy metal sensitivity, bikaverin production and plant tissue
colonization ... in fungal virulence, studies on the role of this pathway in plant pathogenic fungi ... Fungal
strains and culture conditions F. proliferatum ITEM 2287, isolated from maize and the ... 
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L Sabová, M Pilátová, K Szilagyi… - Phytotherapy …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... are frequently used by cancer patients because of their ability to stimulate the immunity and to ...
of 150.0, 75.0, 37.5, 18.75, 9.38 and 4.7 μg/mL (expressed in μg dried plant/mL of ... The MTT assay
was performed in 96-well tissue culture plates (Sarstedt Inc., USA) as follows: the ... 
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C Simões, TC de Castro, L da Silva Cordeiro… - World Journal of …, 2010 - Springer
... HSV-related pathologies have increased recently and the illness is usually more severe in patients
with reduced cellular immunity, as in ... Thus, plant tissue culture technology offers a viable alternative
to produce plants free of contaminants and on a large scale, independently of ... 
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[PDF] from tujournal.edu.npG Manandhar - Tribhuvan University Journal, 2010 - tujournal.edu.np
... basis of immunity), Chemotheraputic methods (Antibiotics, Interferon, Interleukin),
Imunotherapeutic methods (Monoclonal and Polyclonal antibodies). B. PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY
1. Scopes and fields of Plant Biotechnology. Somatic tissue culture (Micropropagation, callus ... 
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R Chen, C Chang, L Tucker… - Current Proteomics, 2010 - ingentaconnect.com
... AP-MS in Protein Complex Investigation of Plant Immunity ... However, there are transient assays
using virus vectors or tissue culture options that may lower some transformation ... and isolation
of authentic protein in- teractions in the native environment of the plant cell would seem ...
Y Liu, C Sullivan, G Fang, A Cox… - Acta Biochimica et …, 2010 - abbs.oxfordjournals.org
... To study the toxic effects of single-walled carbon nano- tubes (SWCNTs) on the structure and
function of blood-brain barrier, we established the mouse brain microvascular endo- thelial cells
(bEnd.3) and primary mouse astrocytes (As) co-culture in vitro blood-brain barrier ...
Z Dunlin… - Feed Review, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
... Liang-biao;LUO Chun-mei(Chuxiong Agricultural School of Yunnan Province,Chuxiong
675000,China);Application of Plant Tissue Culture Techniques on ... Bureau of Qingfeng,Puyang
457000,China);Study of Epimedium-Proplis Mixture on Prompting Cell Immunity of Chicken[J ... 
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[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgY Hsu, WC Yang, CLT Chang… - International …, 2010 - intimmabs.oxfordjournals.org
... 1Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 2Institute of
Plant Science, National ... innate immune function of liver MNCs and thereby increased antitumor
immunity in the ... 013-04 Rad51 is a novel key regulator of adipose tissue proliferation and ...
[PDF] from wdc-jp.comH Jin, F Higashikawa, M Noda, X Zhao… - Biological & …, 2010 - J-STAGE
... digestive fluids in gastrointestinal tract, it will be significant to screen various plant-derived ... The
gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is composed of Peyer's patches, peripheral lymphoid
tissues ... IgA assessments were conducted using isolated intestine, feces, or a culture of ex ... 
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E Crabill, A Joe, A Block, JM van Rooyen… - Plant …, 2010 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... The response induced by this recognition is termed effector-triggered immunity (ETI; Jones and
Dangl, 2006). ... data indicate that the quadruple mutant loses the ability to inject T3Es in PTI-induced
Arabidopsis, cannot produce disease symptoms, and grows poorly in plant tissue... 
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BW Poovaiah… - US Patent App. 20,100/223,690, 2010 - freepatentsonline.com
... Alternatively, tissue specific (root, leaf, flower, and seed for example) promoters (Carpenter et
al. ... to protect plants from disease, particularly those diseases that are caused by plant pathogens ...
tomato DC3000 culture and inoculation was performed as previously described 32, 33 ... 
H Jeon - Natural Product Sciences, 2010 - papersearch.net
... Macrophages concerned in not only natural immunity but specific acquired immunity and play
... Preparation of the stem and leaves of S. polyrrhiza – The plant materials were purchased ... which
was supplemented with 10% heat-inactivated FBS, in 24-well tissue culture plates (3 ...
D Hu, Y Shen, L Mi… - Forestry Studies in China, 2010 - Springer
... can also counteract tumor and caducity, accelerate metabo- lism and enhance immunity of body ...
In vitro propagation of Para- dox walnut rootstock (Juglans hindsii × Juglans regia, tissue culture).
Plant Prod, 19(4): 507–509 Editorial Board of Flora of China of Chinese Academy ... 
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NF Keinath, S Kierszniowska, J Lorek… - Journal of Biological …, 2010 - ASBMB
... 1). We previously verified responsiveness of the cell culture to flg22 in an oxidative burst assay ...
DET3 and FER Are Components of Plant Innate Immunity... This virulence-compromised strain
proliferates more slowly inside plant tissue and is expected to enable the detection of ...
H Zakizadeh, BM Stummann, H Lütken… - … Tissue and Organ Culture, 2010 - Springer
... 2007) and AtSERK3 is involved in the control of innate immunity (Heese et al. ... In addition, AtSERK1
has been shown to confer embryogenic competence in tissue culture (Hecht et al. ... Since then,
several SERK genes have been isolated from other plant species, such as Dactylis ... 
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G Erbs, A Molinaro, JM Dow… - … : Structure, Function and …, 2010 - Springer
... campestris (Xcc) induces an oxidative burst in culture cells of tobacco, no effects were seen with
LPS from the ... 17 Lipopolysaccharides and Plant Innate Immunity ... growth in LPS-treated leaves
indicates that prevention of HR does not increase the susceptibility of the plant tissue... 
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ME Cueno, Y Hibi, K Imai, AC Laurena… - Transgenic research, 2010 - Springer
... 171:281–289 Evans DA, Sharp WR (1983) Single gene mutations in tomato plants regenerated
from tissue culture... Annu Rev Plant Biol 54:605–627 Kanazawa S, Okamoto T, Peterlin BM (2000)
Tat ... Immunity 12:61–70 Karasev AV, Foulke S, Wellens C, Rich A, Shon KJ, Zwie ... 
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[PDF] from ajol.infoJ Liu, L He… - African Journal of Biotechnology, 2010 - ajol.info
... It oil has rich vitamins and shows capacity of enhancing human immunity (Wang et al.,
2007).In terms of oil production by woody species in the world, teaoil camellia valued equivalent
to ... The colonies were then cultured in liquid LB culture medium. ... Plant tissue DNA extraction ... 
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W Zeng, M Melotto… - Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2010 - Elsevier
... EF-Tu), LPS, peptidoglycan (PGN) and Ax21 (activator of XA21-mediated immunity) from bacteria ...
are 50 times more potent to induce medium alkalinization of Arabidopsis cell culture than elf26 ...
and S. sclerotiorum seems to exploit open stomata for exiting the plant tissue at late ... 
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M Fahim, L Ayala‐Navarrete… - Plant biotechnology …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... This article reports for the first time engineered RNAi-mediated immunity in wheat against ... NIa
and pCMneoSTLS2 (Maas et al., 1997) carrying nptII as plant selectable marker ... The biolistics
and tissue culture protocols were large as previously described (Pellegrineschi et al ... 
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J Han, Q Choo, M Houghton… - US Patent App. …, 2010 - freepatentsonline.com
... FIG. 19 shows neutralization antibody titers for HCV types 2a, 1b, and 1a, as measured
with the HCV tissue culture system. FIG. 20 compares protective immunity against
HCV type 1a in chimpanzees vaccinated with E1E2. The ... 
CEN Guo-dong, LUO Peng-yi… - Drugs & Clinic, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
... 5, CHEN Rong1,2, WU Hong1(1.Center for Medicinal Plant Research, College of ... the State Ministry
of Education,Chongqing University, Chongqing 400044, China);Tissue Culture and Rapid ... xi,DUAN
Chuan-ren(Key Laboratory for Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Under ... 
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S Rosales-Mendoza, RE Soria-Guerra… - Planta, 2010 - Springer
... dvbid/plague/index.htm Cornelius CL, Anderson QD, Schneewind O (2007) Protective immunity
against plague ... F (1962) A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue
culture. Physiol Plant 15:473–479 Sambrook J, Fritsch EF, Maniatis T (1989) Molecular ... 
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D Kalthoff, A Giritch, K Geisler, U Bettmann… - Journal of …, 2010 - Am Soc Microbiol
... The rHA0 purification from green 320 plant tissue required the development of a new
protocol, as the adaptation of the purification 321 method used for rHA0 recovery
from animal cell culture (21) was not possible due to the 322 ... 
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X Zhu, J Caplan, P Mamillapalli, K Czymmek… - The EMBO …, 2010 - nature.com
... Using a genetically encoded calcium sensor Case12 (Souslova et al, 2007) in intact living tissue,
we show that NbCA1 silencing ... Our findings suggest that the NbCA1 activity is integrated into
cellular calcium signalling to modulate cell death during plant innate immunity... 
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D Arbelet, P Malfatti, E Simond-Côte… - Molecular Plant- …, 2010 - Am Phytopath Society
... of the fungus on its major host plant grapevine as well as on the model plant Arabidopsis
330 thaliana. ... and nystatin than colonies grown in liquid culture... tissue and could continue
during early penetration stages, the mutant hyphae generating 368 ... 
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[PDF] from ppj-online.orgSK Oh, S Kamoun… - Plant Pathol. J, 2010 - ppj-online.org
... and their dual functions as modulators of host plant immunity... First step, P. infestans requires
living host cells for an early infection process that is followed by extensive necrosis of plant tissue
resulting in colonization and sporulation on the leaf surface (Kamoun and Smart, 2005 ... 
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[CITATION] Transcriptome Analysis Indicates an Enhanced Activation of Adaptive and Innate Immunity by Chlamydia-Infected Murine Epithelial Cells Treated with …

K Burian, V Endresz, J Deak… - The Journal of …, 2010 - UChicago Press
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[HTML] from nih.govTN Palmore, YR Shea, RW Childs… - Journal of Clinical …, 2010 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
... and their association with plants coincide with the cutaneous inoculation from the plant spine
in this ... With the onset of neutropenia, the Fusarium hyphae could invade local tissue and create
... With the use of liquid and solid culture media and the availability of direct sequencing ... 
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[HTML] from nih.govM Bhagat… - Indian Journal of Pharmacology, 2010 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
... upon mass doubling time of cells) was transferred to a well of 96-well tissue culture plate and ...
The plant can be further explored for its potential therapeutic uses. ... S. Protective effect of Cassia
occidentalis L. on cyclophosphamide-induced suppression of humoral immunity in mice ... 
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D Kalthoff, A Giritch, K Geisler, U Bettmann… - Journal of …, 2010 - Am Soc Microbiol
... H5N1 in negative swab samples were calculated as the 50% tissue culture infectious dose ... The
rHA0 purification from green plant tissue required the development of a new protocol, as ... Like
most other recombinant vaccines, plant-derived rHA0 also allowed an easy serological ...
M Sochocka, E Zaczynska, A Tabol… - International …, 2010 - Elsevier
... A lack of VSV replication by infected leukocytes (0–1 log TCID50-tissue culture infectious dose)
was ... 761 on the distribution of NF-κB and the development of innate immunity in human ... We
hypothesized that the plant (G. biloba) or the synthetic (donepezil) drug may regulate the ... 
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X Yin, J Zhang - Recent Patents on Biotechnology, 2010 - ingentaconnect.com
... conferred different transformation frequencies under the same selection and culture conditions. ...
be constitutive, inducible, developmental stage-preferred, cell type-preferred, tissue-preferred,
or ... tolerance because its expression imposes a minimal impact on plant normal growth. ... 
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ME ALVAREZ, F NOTA… - Molecular Plant …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... Epigenetic control of plant immunity. MARÍA E. ALVAREZ,; FLORENCIA NOTA,; DAMIÁN A.
CAMBIAGNO. Article first published online: 19 APR 2010. ... Additional Information. How to Cite.
ALVAREZ, ME, NOTA, F. and CAMBIAGNO, DA (2010), Epigenetic control of plant immunity... 
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T Li-hong - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
IMMUNITY FUNCTION IN ... University, Harbin 150030) (2. Xinlin Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang
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AA Gust, F Brunner… - Current opinion in biotechnology, 2010 - Elsevier
... infection with tissue-necrotizing pathogens (SAR). In addition, root-colonizing nonpathogenic
rhizobia or pseudomonads (P. fluorescens) trigger a state of immunity called induced systemic
resistance (ISR) [[49] and [50]]. Induction of SAR depends on the plant hormone salicylic ... 
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X Guan, H Zhao, Y Xu… - Protoplasma, 2010 - Springer
... Fallot J (1986) Stimulation of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from anther culture
of Vitis ... F (1962) A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue cultures.
Plant Physiol 15:473–497 Rossi L, Escugero J, Hohn B (1993) Efficient and sensitive ... 
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SC Unni… - Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2010 - Springer
... in the edible parts of the plant offers several advantages like induction of mucosal immunity, ease
of ... Doses of 1.5 mg/L were used to select putative transgenic plants in tissue culture.
Herbicide-resistant plant production is a new way to confer selectivity and enhance fruit crop ... 
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AFTR Promotes - 2010 - pdfs.journals.lww.com
... Similar to other alternative models,30 tissue culture of eye-bank eyes provides a method to
selectively examine the initial events during microbial adherence and invasion of ocular tissue.
We used F. oxysporum, a plant pathogen and occasional human corneal isolate that is ... 
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L Chen, K Shiotani, T Togashi… - Plant and Cell …, 2010 - Jpn Soc Plant Physiol
... M, Fukao Y, Kawasaki T, Shimamoto K. Proteome analysis of detergent-resistant membranes
(DRMs) associated with OsRac1-mediated innate immunity in rice. ... In: Plant Tissue Culture Manual
B1—Lindsey K, ed. (1991) Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers ... 
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A Verhage, S van Wees… - Plant Physiology, 2010 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... can take control over the plant's hormone signaling network to suppress host immunity... hatched
larvae of generalist herbivores that feed from this undefended tissue (Bruessow et al ... it was
demonstrated that early season herbivory significantly affected plant defense responses to ... 
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[PDF] from ajol.infoZ He, X Du, W Yao… - African Journal of Biotechnology, 2010 - ajol.info
... Expression of human growth hormone in transgenic rice cell suspension culturePlant Cell
Rep. 27(5): 885-891. ... Expression of neutralizing epitope of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus
in potato plants. Plant Cell, Tissue Organ Cult. 82(2): 125-130. ... 
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[HTML] from scielo.brCM Baker, R Chitrakar, N Obulareddy… - Brazilian Journal of …, 2010 - SciELO Brasil
... Live Xcc cells and extracts of its culture supernatant are capable of reversing stomatal ... 40), further
supporting a model in which stomate-based innate immunity also contributes to ... This oomycete
is an obligate biotrophic organism that enters plant tissue through stomata and a ... 
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[HTML] from plos.orgA Christensen, K Svensson, L Thelin, W Zhang… - PloS one, 2010 - dx.plos.org
... To assess the distribution of the CRT proteins at the tissue- and cellular level we generated
specific antibodies for the ... Thus the level of cell adhesion is not fully restored by the plant CRTs ...
contact, phenotype with regards to the total number of the cells of a 25 mm cell culture dish ... 
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[PDF] from bund.deM Pastore, A Cardone, L Catucci… - Julius-Kühn- …, 2010 - pub.jki.bund.de
... In order to find a source of immunity to the two phytoplasmas we tested seven new combinations
varieties/rootstock of pear and seven new combinations varieties/rootstock of apricot that were ...
Source of plant tissue infected by phytoplasmas: The pear plant used as source of 'Ca ... 
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CH Huang, DZ Liu… - Journal of natural products, 2010 - ACS Publications
... Diosgenin, a Plant-Derived Sapogenin, Enhances Regulatory T-Cell Immunity in the Intestine
of Mice with Food ... It is presently unclear how 1 up-regulates the regulatory T-cell immunity... After
24 h, tissue blocks were embedded in paraffin and cut into 4−5 μm thick sections on ... 
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G Tian-shu, LIU Chang-yuan, L Chun-hao… - …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
... 150030, China);Influence of supercritical carbon dioxide extract of Schisandra chinensis on
immunity of broilers[J ... University, Harbin 150030) (2. Xinlin Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang Province
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[HTML] from hindawi.comG Karen - Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, 2010 - hindawi.com
... In its naturally occurring form tomatine is known to be a primary toxicity-based plant defense
mechanism ... as a vaccine adjuvant and to elucidate the mechanism of protective immunity against
pre ... medium and 100 L aliquots placed in 96-well flat-bottom tissue culture plates (Nunc ... 
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CA Rowe, MP Nantz, C Nieves Jr… - Journal of Medicinal …, 2010 - liebertonline.com
... 18 As new ligands are discovered for γδ T cells, it appears that food components, particularly
plant-based compounds, might be able to influence immunity through priming ... San Diego, CA,
USA), were placed in duplicate wells of a 24-well tissue culture plate (Costar ...
R Milcevicová, C Gosch, H Halbwirth, K Stich… - Plant Science, 2010 - Elsevier
... Tissue was eluted in 100 μl PCR water. ... A bacterial culture of measured optical density (OD 600 =
0.9; 8.9 × 10 9 cfu ml −1 ) was used for calibration of the ... At each sample (plants as well as plant
eluates) the cycle numbers at which the fluorescence passed the cycle threshold (Ct ... 
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[PDF] from biomedcentral.comYH Lee, Y Chen, X Ouyang… - BMC microbiology, 2010 - biomedcentral.com
... pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) as well as Resistance (R) protein- mediated
immunity typically characterized by the Hypersensitive Response (HR) [24- 26]. ... with tobacco tissue
culture. Physiol Plant 1962, 15:473–497. 18. Chan YH: Biostatics 301. ... 
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SE Ellis… - US Patent 7,723,491, 2010 - freepatentsonline.com
... products can be collected during the processing of an animal, for instance during processing
performed in an abattoir, meat processing plant, or the ... Thymus tissue can include a variety of
proteins and other growth factors useful for use as a culture supplement including ... 
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HY Kang, Q Chen, Y Wang, MY Zhong… - Genetic Resources and …, 2010 - Springer
... One plant was dead during the treatment, and the other two plants showed ... the present study,
PHW-SA was successfully developed without using tissue culture technique ... possesses some
interesting characteristics: (1) morphological and cytological stability; (2) immunity to stripe ... 
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[HTML] from nih.govL Adams-Phillips, AG Briggs… - Plant physiology, 2010 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... 3AB was also shown to inhibit oxidative stress-induced Phe ammonia lyase (PAL) activity in
Catharanthus roseus tissue culture (Berglund et ... Go ; David et al., 2009 Go ), poly(ADP-ribosyl)
ation has received surprisingly little research attention regarding plant immunity and biotic ... 
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Y Thanavala… - Immunologic research, 2010 - Springer
... Transgenic plant tissue expressing antigens that are delivered orally may have the added
advantage as discussed earlier that both humoral and mucosal immunity could be stimulated,
resulting in the potential to protect mucosal surfaces more effectively than parenteral ... 
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SK Mangrauthia, P Singh… - Molecular biotechnology, 2010 - Springer
... 10. Ding, SW, & Voinnet, O. (2007). Antiviral immunity directed by small RNAs. Cell, 130,
413–426. 11. ... Transformation of tomato with Agro- bacterium tumefaciens. In: Lindsey, K.(ed.):
Plant tissue culture manual. B6, 1-9. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. 21. ... 
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AA Lugade, S Kalathil, JL Heald… - Immunological …, 2010 - informahealthcare.com
... Oral delivery of potato tubers expressing VP7 resulted in humoral and cellular immunity in mice,
which were further protected against rotavirus ... into tobacco plants by Mason and colleagues; the
antigen self-assembled into virus-like particles in the plant tissue with similar ... 
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[HTML] from hindawi.comH Che-Ming, Y Chia-Chou, C Kowit-Yu… - Evidence-Based …, 2010 - hindawi.com
... The preparation is a mixture of 10 crude plant ingredients: Lonicera japonica Thunb ... To detect
changes in cellular immunity, a peripheral lymphocyte proliferation assay was performed, as
described previously ... mL, and 80 μ L per well was incubated in 96-well tissue culture plates ... 
M Humphry, P Bednarek… - Proceedings of the …, 2010 - National Acad Sciences
... the hypothesis that some of these genes might also contribute to plant immunity, which revealed ...
in regulating the further turnover of these compounds independent of plant defense (Fig. ...
Accumulation of indicated selected secondary metabolites (nmol/g of fresh tissue weight) in ...
EP Rybicki - Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... TGEV) subunit vaccine was an effective booster vaccine for systemic and mucosal immunity in
pigs ... of the authors—'An average yield of 24 mg of LecA per plant should produce 29 ... Single-cell
or tissue culture systems for production of vaccine proteins have always been a minor ... 
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S Arvinth, S Arun, RK Selvakesavan, J Srikanth… - Plant cell reports, 2010 - Springer
... Plant transformation Plant tissue culture Two popular cultivars of sugarcane, namely
Co 86032 and CoJ 64, suitable for tropical and subtropical regions of the country,
respectively, were used for transformation with cry1Ab gene. ... 
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S Praveen, SV Ramesh, AK Mishra, V Koundal… - Transgenic …, 2010 - Springer
... cient suppression of viral gene expression, we compared the levels of viral gene transcripts in
tissue culture-raised, ToLCV ... Mol Plant Microbe Interact 20:717–726 ... Pujol M (2006) Intron–hairpin
RNA derived from replication associated protein C1 gene confers immunity to tomato ... 
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[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgJF Mohan, MG Levisetti… - International …, 2010 - intimmabs.oxfordjournals.org
... alternate pathways (including RelB activity), plays important roles in innate immunity and tolerance. ...
will be determined to characterize the state of macrophage infiltration in adipose tissue... Silymarin,
a flavonoid of the plant Silybum marianum, has immune- modulatory properties ...
YJ Jeong, Y Shang, BH Kim, SY Kim, JH Song… - Molecules and …, 2010 - Springer
... (B) GUS reporter gene expression revealed distinct and partially overlapping regions of tissue
expression and ... EMBRYOGENESIS RECEPROE KINASE 1 gene is expressed in developing
ovule and embryos and en- hances embryogenic competence in culturePlant Physiol. ... 
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[PDF] from ajol.infoS Wahab - African Crop Science Journal, 2010 - ajol.info
... include: (l)plant molecular and agricultural biotechnology; (2) biological control of plant pests,
diseases and weeds; (3) plant tissue culture; (4) environmental ... The guidelines took into account
local factors such as resistance to infection (immunity), host and parasite burden in the ... 
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X Yong, LI Yong-chun… - Journal of Yunnan University …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
... of Physics & Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Urumqi,Xinjiang 830011);Tissue Culture
of Wild ... of Sciences, Nanjing 210014,Jiangsu,China);Studies on Original Plant of Traditional ... et
alGuizhou Provincial Institute of Food Hygiene;The Immunity Regulation Effect of ... 
HY Ling, A Pelosi… - Expert Review of Vaccines, 2010 - ingentaconnect.com
... Whole plants can be regenerated, eventu- ally producing a seed stock, or plant tissues maintained
in aseptic culture... over generations, enforcing a need to test levels during plant growth, which
for some crops may be months depending on the plant type and target tissue... 
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[HTML] from oupjournals.orgJ Zhang… - Molecular Plant, 2010 - mplant.oxfordjournals.org
... The receptor-like kinase SERK3/BAK1 is a central regulator of innate immunity in plants. ... SC,
Shinozaki K, Shirasu K. MEKK1 is required for MPK4 activation and regulates tissue-specific
and ... Iizasa E, Mitsutomi M, Nagano Y. Direct binding of a plant LysM receptor-like kinase ... 
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... richardsiae is one of the many dematiaceous fungi that can be isolated from plant material and ...
Inset: Culture on Sabouraud's dextrose agar at room temperature (more ...). ... is the presence of
muriform cells embedded in the granulomas, as well as a suppurative tissue reaction 3 ... 
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DRD Bignell, RF Seipke… - Molecular Plant- …, 2010 - Am Phytopath Society
... The COR phytotoxin from P. syringae is known to induce a variety of symptoms in the plant host,
including chlorosis, inhibition of root elongation, and ... Although we did not observe any outgrowths
of potato tuber tissue with any of the WT background culture filtrates (due to ... 
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[HTML] from pnas.orgJIB Bos, MR Armstrong, EM Gilroy… - Proceedings of the …, 2010 - National Acad Sciences
... and show that this effector, like some bacterial effectors (32), is able to manipulate the host
ubiquitin proteasome system to suppress plant immunity... Samples for SDS/PAGE were prepared
by grinding leaf tissue in liquid nitrogen followed by boiling for 5 min in SDS-loading ... 
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A Silipo, G Erbs, T Shinya, JM Dow, M Parrilli… - …, 2010 - Soc Glycobiology
... inducer of plant defenses In a number of studies LPS has been reported to act as an elicitor of
plant innate immunity inducing the ... observations have been made with LPS preparations from
a range of bacteria applied to cell suspension cultures or leaf tissue from various ... 
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J Choi, SU Huh, M Kojima, H Sakakibara… - Developmental cell, 2010 - Elsevier
... Cytokinins affect plant immunity to various pathogens; however, the mechanisms coupling
plant-derived ... play critical roles during pathogen infection because many symptoms of plant
diseases are associated with aberrant growth and abnormal tissue development such as ... 
All 5 versions
MS Padmanabhan… - Molecular Plant-Microbe …, 2010 - Am Phytopath Society
... wall thickening, and release of systemic alarm signals that prime the rest of the plant... A second
arm of the innate immune response—effector- triggered immunity (ETI)—has evolved to ...
programmed cell death (PCD) pathway within infected cells that leads to tissue collapse and ... 
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[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgH Chen, S Liu, H Liu, C Lin… - International …, 2010 - intimmabs.oxfordjournals.org
... Methods: Plant-optimized gene constructs were introduced into tomato plant through bombardment
and transgenic tomato lines were tested for ... DNA vaccines have been widely used to develop
immunity against various pathogens as well as cancer, auto- immune diseases and ...
G Arimura, K Shiojiri… - Phytochemistry, 2010 - Elsevier
... 2. Studying the nature and mechanisms of plant communication. ... transcription of defense-regulated
genes in undamaged conspecific leaves, leading to immunity against spider ... acyclic monoterpene
hydrocarbon ocimene was recently found to induce increased tissue levels of ... 
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[CITATION] Effect of Salvia mirzayanii on the immune system and induction of apoptosis in peripheral blood lymphocytes

Z Amirghofran, M Bahmani, A Azadmehr… - Natural Product …, 2010 - Taylor & Francis
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... There are few reports where cellular immunity is studied after the administration of an edible ... which
correlated with low Treg titers, while higher doses of HBsAg and plant tissue positively correlated ...
induced Th2 cytokines (IL- 4, IL-5, IL-13) measured in culture supernatants of ... 
View as HTML
[HTML] from cell.comJ Zhang, W Li, T Xiang, Z Liu, K Laluk, X Ding… - Cell Host & Microbe, 2010 - Elsevier
... Many of these effector proteins are capable of targeting components of the PTI signaling pathway
to suppress plant immunity ([Block et al., 2008], [Fu et al., 2007], [Gimenez-Ibanez et al., 2009],
[Göhre et al., 2008], [Kim et al., 2005], [Li et al., 2005], [Nomura et al., 2006], [Xiang et ... 
Cited by 5 - Related articles - All 8 versions
K Warriner… - Current opinion in biotechnology, 2010 - Elsevier
... For example, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Mycobacterium, Klebsiella and Burkholderia have
been recovered from natural endophytic population of plants thereby supporting the hypothesis
that human pathogens can internalize within healthy plant tissue [25 •• ]. ... 
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[HTML] from nih.govG Marek, R Carver, Y Ding, D Sathyanarayan… - Plant …, 2010 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
... However, the tissue collection (especially weighing samples) and the extraction procedure are
still time ... Schematic of the "96-pot tray/96-well PCR plate/96-well culture plate" screen ... less
pathogen-induced SA than npr1, would help uncover important regulators of plant immunity... 
Related articles - All 6 versions
B Schulze, T Mentzel, AK Jehle, K Mueller… - Journal of Biological …, 2010 - ASBMB
... For analysis of transgenic plants, Western blot analysis and co-IP experiments were conducted
as described above on respectively 20 and 200 mg of tissue from adult plants. In Vitro Complex
Formation. ... As reported in this earlier publication, plant cells in culture tend to ... 
Cited by 9 - Related articles - All 6 versions
RZ Osti, JBR Andrade, JP Souza, V Silveira… - Plant Science, 2010 - Elsevier
... In animals, NO is implicated in vasodilatation, immunity response and apoptosis [9], whereas
in plants ... containing 60 mL of a liquid BM medium [30], supplemented with plant-growth regulators ...
FM) of cells from embryogenic suspension cultures into a 12-well tissue culture plate. ... 
Related articles - All 2 versions
R Gehin - US Patent 7,645,924, 2010 - Google Patents
... Immunity to disease(s) and or insect(s). A bean plant which is not subject to attack or
infection by specific disease(s) and or insect(s) is considered immune. ... Regeneration.
Regeneration refers to the development of a plant from tissue culture... 
Related articles - All 4 versions
G Bellec - US Patent App. 12/748,363, 2010 - Google Patents
... [0048] Immunity to disease(s) and or insect(s). A lettuce plant which is not subject to attack or
infection by specific disease(s) and or insect(s) is considered immune. ... [0055] Regeneration.
Regeneration refers to the develop- ment of a plant from tissue culture... 
All 2 versions
LM Neal, EA McCarthy, CR Morris… - Vaccine, 2010 - Elsevier
... Ricin, which is found at high concentrations in the seeds of the castor bean plant, Ricinus
communis, consists of a 32 ... to an emerging body of literature demonstrating the importance of
serum antibodies in mucosal immunity to a ... Intragastric ricin challenge and tissue collection. ...
JM Plett - New Phytologist, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... During the attack of a plant tissue by a pathogenic organism, whether bacterial or fungal, a number
of different defence signalling ... High expression levels of ERF1 alone have been correlated with
host immunity against invading necrotrophic pathogens (Lorenzo et al., 2002 ... 
Related articles - All 7 versions
C Zipfel… - Plant Physiology, 2010 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... is highly effective at the level of preinvasion, but also acts in postinvasive immunity as shown
by ... Tissue- or cell-type specificities of PAMP responses have to be addressed to better reflect
different ... Not every microbe displays all PAMPs and not every plant recognizes all PAMPs. ... 
Related articles
S Mersmann, G Bourdais, S Rietz… - Plant Physiology, 2010 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... However, little is known about the regulation of pathogen-associated molecular
pattern-elicited ROS or its role in plant immunity. We ... 2007). This collectively
contributes to plant immunity (Zipfel et al., 2004; Melotto et al., 2006). ... 
Related articles - All 3 versions
A Acquadro, MA Papanice, S Lanteri… - Plant cell, tissue and …, 2010 - Springer
... virus in tissue cultures of Nicotiana rustica raised from seeds and meristem tips. Ann Appl Biol
88:273–278 Faccioli G, Marani F (1998) Virus elimination by meristem tip culture and tip
micrografting. In: Hadidi A, Khetarpal RK, Koganezawa H (eds) Control of plant virus diseases. ... 
Related articles - All 3 versions
J Monaghan… - Plant and Cell Physiology, 2010 - Jpn Soc Plant Physiol
... the molecular function of this protein in chloroplast biology and its connection to plant immunity...
Plant growth, mutant isolation and pathogen infection assays For most experiments, plants were
grown ... and SA To measure leaf Chl, approximately 50 mg of leaf tissue was frozen in ... 
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K Kim, S Bae, J Hong, J Choi, S Ryoo, H Jhun… - Hybridoma, 2010 - liebertonline.com
... These results suggests that SIZ1 negatively regulates SA-dependent innate immunity through
sumoylation of one or more ... 20 (PBS-T). Sera from immunized mice, serially diluted in PBS, and
cell culture supernatants were ... Detection of the endogenous AtSIZ1 in plant tissue ... 
All 2 versions
[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgA Yokota, H Takeuchi, Y Ohoka… - International …, 2010 - intimmabs.oxfordjournals.org
... ness: isolated or combined contact with radiation and chemical factor, differences from IS
population living in the area of the activities of the plant... The Peyer's patches, jejunum, ileum,
cecum and colon were harvested for histology and gut tissue fragment culture...
T Gökirmak, AL Paul… - Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 2010 - Elsevier
... detail. The primary focus of this review is 14-3-3 proteins as phosphopeptide-binding
mediators of plant signal transduction. 14-3-3 Proteins. 14-3 ... the family. The 14-3-3s
were first discovered in mammalian brain tissue [12]. They ... 
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