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cited [PDF]M Rassoulzadegan, V Grandjean, P Gounon, S Vincent … - Nature, 2006 -
Paramutation is a heritable epigenetic modification induced in plants by cross-talk between allelic 
loci. Here we report a similar modification of the mouse Kit gene in the progeny of heterozygotes 
with the null mutant Kit tm1Alf (a lacZ insertion). In spite of a homozygous wild-type ... 
Цитируется: 217 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (20) [HTML]KV Prasanth, DL Spector - Genes & development, 2007 -
A large portion of the eukaryotic genome is transcribed as noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs). While 
once thought of primarily as “junk,” recent studies indicate that a large number of these RNAs 
play central roles in regulating gene expression at multiple levels. The increasing ... 
Цитируется: 150 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7) [HTML]ZJ Chen, Z Ni - BioEssays, 2006 -
Summary Polyploidy is produced by multiplication of a single genome (autopolyploid) or combination 
of two or more divergent genomes (allopolyploid). The available data obtained from the study 
of synthetic (newly created or human-made) plant allopolyploids have documented ... 
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MC Frith, M Pheasant, JS Mattick - European Journal of Human …, 2005 -
A variety of recent evidence indicates that the majority of sequences in eukaryotic genomes are 
transcribed and that the proportion of transcribed nonprotein-coding sequences increases with 
developmental complexity (Table 1). However, it is the novel approaches that Gingeras ... 
Цитируется: 74 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (6) [PDF]J Déjardin, A Rappailles, O Cuvier, C Grimaud, M … - Nature, 2005 -
Polycomb and trithorax group (PcG and trxG) proteins maintain silent and active transcriptional 
states, respectively, throughout development 1 . In Drosophila, PcG and trxG proteins associate 
with DNA regions named Polycomb and trithorax response elements (PRE and TRE), but ... 
Цитируется: 65 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (13) [HTML]M Nowacki, V Vijayan, Y Zhou, K Schotanus, TG Doak, … - Nature, 2007 -
Genome-wide DNA rearrangements occur in many eukaryotes but are most exaggerated in 
ciliates, making them ideal model systems for epigenetic phenomena. During development of 
the somatic macronucleus, Oxytricha trifallax destroys 95% of its germ line, severely ... 
Цитируется: 60 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (11) [PDF]RT Grant-Downton, HG Dickinson - Annals of Botany, 2005 - Annals Botany Co
Scope In the second part of a two-part review, the ubiquity and universality of epigenetic systems 
is emphasized, and attention is drawn to the key roles they play, ranging from transducing environmental 
signals to altering gene expression, genomic architecture and defence. Key Issues The ... 
Цитируется: 59 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (10) [PDF]AV Probst, E Dunleavy, G Almouzni - Nature Reviews Molecular Cell …, 2009 -
Studies that concern the mechanism of DNA replication have provided a major framework for 
understanding genetic transmission through multiple cell cycles. Recent work has begun to gain 
insight into possible means to ensure the stable transmission of information beyond just ... 
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CM Bray, CE West - New Phytologist, 2005 -
As obligate phototrophs, plants harness energy from sunlight to split water, producing oxygen 
and reducing power. This lifestyle exposes plants to particularly high levels of genotoxic stress 
that threatens genomic integrity, leading to mutation, developmental arrest and cell death. ... 
Цитируется: 45 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7)
S Kurdyukov, A Faust, S Trenkamp, S Bär, R Franke, N … - Planta, 2006 - Springer
Abstract In plants, extracellular matrix polymers built from polysaccharides and cuticular lipids 
have structural and protective functions. The cuticle is found to be ten times thinner in Arabidopsis 
thaliana (L.) Heynh than in many other plants, and there is evidence that it is unu- sual in ... 
Цитируется: 49 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [PDF]AJ Herr - FEBS letters, 2005 - Elsevier
Observations of RNA-silencing phenomena in plants were startling when first described. In one 
case, attempts to boost the expression of an endogenous gene with an extra transgene copy 
eliminated all expression from both genes [1]. In another case, plants that recovered from ... 
Цитируется: 45 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (9)
FF Costa - Gene, 2008 - Elsevier
Several aspects of epigenetics are strongly linked to non-coding RNAs, especially small RNAs 
that can direct the cytosine methylation and histone modifications that are implicated in gene 
expression regulation in complex organisms. A fundamental characteristic of epigenetics ... 
Цитируется: 46 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (8) [HTML]RM Bateman, J Hilton, PJ Rudall - Journal of Experimental …, 2006 - Soc Experiment Biol
Recent attempts to address the long-debated 'origin' of the angiosperms depend on a phylogenetic 
framework derived from a matrix of taxa versus characters; most assume that empirical rigour 
is proportional to the size of the matrix. Sequence-based genotypic approaches increase ... 
Цитируется: 38 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (10) [PDF]AM Brunner, J Li, SP DiFazio, O Shevchenko, … - Tree Genetics & …, 2007 - Springer
Abstract Dispersal of pollen, seeds, or vegetative prop- agules from intensively bred, exotic, or 
recombinant DNA modified forest plantations may cause detrimental or beneficial ecological 
impacts on wild or managed ecosys- tems. Insertion of genes designed to prevent or ... 
Цитируется: 38 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7)
QL Liu, XH Xu, XL Ren, HW Fu, DX Wu, QY … - TAG Theoretical and …, 2007 - Springer
Page 1. Theor Appl Genet (2007) 114:803–814 DOI 10.1007/s00122-006-0478-9
123 ORIGINAL PAPER Generation and characterization of low phytic acid germplasm
in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Qing-Long Liu · Xiu-Hong Xu · Xue ... 
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M Schilthuizen, A Davison - Naturwissenschaften, 2005 - Springer
Abstract The direction that a snail (Mollusca: Gastropo- da) coils, whether dextral 
(right-handed) or sinistral (left- handed), originates in early development but is most easily observed 
in the shell form of the adult. Here, we review recent progress in understanding snail ... 
Цитируется: 30 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)
S Barik - Journal of molecular medicine, 2005 - Springer
Abstract Silencing of gene expression by ribonucleic acid (RNA), known as RNA interference 
(RNAi), is now rec- ognized as a major means of gene regulation in biology. In this 
mechanism, small noncoding double-stranded RNA molecules knock down gene ... 
Цитируется: 28 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4) [HTML]M Nowacki, W Zagorski-Ostoja, E Meyer - Current Biology, 2005 - Elsevier
Background: The germline genome of ciliates is extensively rearranged during development 
of a new somatic macronucleus from the germline micronucleus, a process that follows sexual 
events. In Paramecium tetraurelia, single-copy internal eliminated sequences (IESs) and ... 
Цитируется: 24 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (13) [HTML]AMG Pasmooij, HH Pas, FCL Deviaene, M … - The American Journal of …, 2005 - Elsevier
Revertant mosaicism by somatic reversion of inherited mutations has been described for a number 
of genetic diseases. Several mechanisms can underlie this reversion process, such as gene 
conversion, crossing-over, true back mutation, and second-site mutation. Here, we report ... 
Цитируется: 23 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (10)
P Farnum, A Lucier, R Meilan - Tree Genetics & Genomes, 2007 - Springer
Abstract Applied research that supplies requisite, albeit incomplete, scientific knowledge is necessary 
if we are to address the legal, regulatory, and social/ethical issues regarding the use of transgenic 
trees. The technology for creating these trees has gotten far ahead of research on the ... 
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[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Uncovering the biodiversity of genetic and reproductive systems: time for a more open approach [PDF]L Keller - Am Nat, 2007 - UChicago Press
Цитируется: 20 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (6)
GT Howe, AM Brunner - The New phytologist, 2005 -
1. New Phytol. 2005 Jul;167(1):1-5. An evolving approach to understanding plant adaptation.
Howe GT, Brunner AM. Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
973315751, USA. PMID: 15948823 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms: ... 
Цитируется: 17 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2) [HTML]Y Jin, N Tian, J Cao, J Liang, Z Yang, … - BMC Evolutionary …, 2007 -
Here, we compare the RNA editing and alternative splicing of the nAChR alpha6 subunit genes 
from different insects spanning ~300 million years of evolution– Drosophila melanogaster, Anopheles 
gambiae, Bombyx mori, Tribolium castaneum and Apis mellifera. The conserved and ... 
Цитируется: 15 - Похожие статьи - Сохраненная копия - Все версии статьи (10) [HTML]S Henikoff - The Plant Cell Online, 2005 - Am Soc Plant Biol
Beginning with Mendel, plant research has been the source of revolutionary discoveries that 
have changed our views of heredity. Therefore, baffling new observations in plant genetics that 
challenge current concepts continue a long tradition. One of these challenges comes from ... 
Цитируется: 14 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (10) [PDF]V Laptikhovsky - Marine Ecology, 2006 -
Egg size and fecundity are very important features of a reproductive strategy and are inversely 
related. This is because the energy that can be invested into reproduction is restricted, leading 
to a trade-off between quality and quantity of offsprings (Kasyanov 1999). For this reason, ... 
Цитируется: 16 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (9) [HTML]L Comai, RA Cartwright - The Plant Cell Online, 2005 - Am Soc Plant Biol
Lolle and colleagues observed frequent true reversion of hothead (hth) mutations of Arabidopsis 
thaliana, whereby up to 10% of the progeny of self-pollinated homozygous hth/hth mutants carried 
a grandparental HTH allele (Lolle et al., 2005 Go ). Instability was not limited to the HTH ... 
Цитируется: 12 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (9)
A Trewavas - The Plant Cell, 2006 - JSTOR
Page 1. The Plant Cell, Vol. 18, 2420-2430, October 2006, ? 2006 American
Society of Plant Biologists HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE ESSAY A Brief History of Systems Biology
"Every object that biology studies is a system of systems. " Francois Jacob (1974). ... 
Цитируется: 12 - Похожие статьи [PDF]TJ Oh, MA Cullis, K Kunert, I … - Physiologia …, 2007 -
The molecular basis of somaclonal variation is not precisely known, but both genetic and epigenetic 
mechanisms have been proposed. The available evidence points toward the existence of labile 
portions of the genome that can be modulated when the cells undergo the stress of tissue ... 
Цитируется: 15 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (12) [PDF]G Battail - Introduction to Biosemiotics, 2007 - Springer
Abstract: As semiotics itself, biosemiotics is concerned with semantics. On the other hand, the 
scientific study of communication engineering led to the development of information theory, which 
ignores semantics. For this reason, many biologists thought that it would be useless in ... 
Цитируется: 12 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (6) [PDF]A Chaudhury - Nature, 2005 -
Lolle et al. suggest that non-mendelian inheritance in Arabidopsis thaliana might be attributable 
to an ancestral RNA-sequence cache 1 , whereby the RNA genome of previous generations 
causes a high rate of reversion of the plant's mutant hothead (hth) and erecta (er) genes. ... 
Цитируется: 11 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (10) [PDF]AG Clark - Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 2006 - Elsevier
Comparative analysis of genome sequences has become the primary means by which functional 
elements are first identified, often preceding even the identification of their function. Although 
this approach capitalizes on the conservation of homologous functions, it has also been ... 
Цитируется: 12 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4) [PDF]S Kurdyukov, A Faust, S Trenkamp, S Bär, R Franke, N … - Planta, 2006 -
Abstract In plants, extracellular matrix polymers built from polysaccharides and cuticular lipids 
have structural and protective functions. The cuticle is found to be ten times thinner in Arabidopsis 
thaliana (L.) Heynh than in many other plants, and there is evidence that it is unu- sual in ... 
Цитируется: 10 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)
MA Mecchia, A Ochogavía, J Pablo Selva, N … - Journal of plant …, 2007 - Elsevier
Molecular markers were used to analyze the genomic structure of an euploid series of Eragrostis 
curvula, obtained after a tetraploid dihaploidization procedure followed by chromosome re-doubling 
with colchicine. Considerable levels of genome polymorphisms were detected between ... 
Цитируется: 11 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3)

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Genetics: hotheaded healer

D Weigel, G Jürgens - Nature az index, 2005 -
Variety is the spice of life. This adage applies as much to genetic material as to anything else 
— if DNA were static, there would be no change over time and no evolution. Everything in 
moderation, though, to use another proverb. Most random changes in DNA (mutations) ... 
Цитируется: 10 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4)
E Jablonka, MJ Lamb - Biology and Philosophy, 2007 - Springer
Abstract In responding to three reviews of Evolution in Four Dimensions (Jab- lonka and 
Lamb, 2005, MIT Press), we briefly consider the historical background to the present genecentred 
view of evolution, especially the way in which Weismann's theories have influenced it, ... 
Цитируется: 8 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2)
A Ray - Nature, 2005 -
According to classical mendelian genetics, individuals homozygous for an allele always breed 
true. Lolle et al. 1 report a pattern of non-mendelian inheritance in the hothead (hth) mutant of 
Arabidopsis thaliana, in which a plant homozygous at a particular locus upon ... 
Цитируется: 9 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [HTML]SJ Prohaska, PF Stadler - Theory in biosciences, 2008 - Springer
Abstract In order to describe a cell at molecular level, a notion of a ''gene'' is neither necessary 
nor helpful. It is sufficient to consider the molecules (ie, chromosomes, transcripts, proteins) and 
their interactions to describe cellular processes. The downside of the resulting high ... 
Цитируется: 9 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (17)
P Peng, WLC Simon, GA Shah, SE Jacobsen - Nature, 2006 -
Lolle et al. 1 report that loss-of-function alleles of the HOTHEAD (HTH) gene in Arabidopsis thaliana 
are genetically unstable, giving rise to wild-type revertants. On the basis of the reversion of many 
other genetic markers in hth plants, they suggested a model in which a cache of ... 
Цитируется: 7 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)
DN Shepherd, DP Martin, A Varsani, JA … - Archives of Biochemistry …, 2006 - Elsevier
We used in vivo (biological), in silico (computational structure prediction), and in vitro (model 
sequence folding) analyses of single-stranded DNA sequences to show that nucleic acid folding 
conservation is the selective principle behind a high-frequency single-nucleotide ... 
Цитируется: 7 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)
JR Bateman, C Wu - Bioessays, 2007 -
Introduction Several recent reports have described a new class of mammalian small RNAs, called 
piRNAs, which are testis- specific, bound by the Piwi class of Argonaute proteins and distinct 
from siRNAs and miRNAs.(1–6) These piRNAs are single-stranded, primarily 26–31 ... 
Цитируется: 9 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3)
T Macnaughton, M Lai - Hepatitis Delta Virus, 2006 - Springer
TB Macnaughton1 · MMC Lai1,2 (u) 1Department of Molecular Microbiology and 
Immunology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 
90033, USA 2Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, Nankang, 115 Taipei, ... 
Цитируется: 7 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4) [HTML]A Trewavas - The Plant Cell Online, 2006 - Am Soc Plant Biol
A system is a network of mutually dependent and thus interconnected components comprising 
a unified whole. Every system exhibits emergent behavior, a unique property possessed only 
by the whole system and not shared to any great degree by the individual components on ... 
Цитируется: 6 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7) [HTML]AF Goodman, CM Bellato, L Khidr - The Scientist, 2005 -
Silverman firmly believed that we needed a wider-angled model, with a new framework and 
terminology, to display what we know and to guide future discovery. He also viewed this model 
as being a catalyst for exploring uncertainty, the vast universe of chance differences on a ... 
Цитируется: 5 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3) [HTML]G Witzany - Plant Signaling & Behavior, 2006 -
As in all organisms, the evolution, development and growth of plants depends on the success 
of complex communication processes. These communication processes are primarily sign mediated 
interactions and not simply an exchange of information. They involve active coordination ... 
Цитируется: 6 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (8)
Y Liu - Trends in plant science, 2005 -
1. Trends Plant Sci. 2005 Oct;10(10):459-60. Reversion: going back to Darwin's works. Liu Y.
Comment in: Trends Plant Sci. 2006 Oct;11(10):471-2; author reply 472-3. PMID: 16140561
[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Publication Types: Letter. MeSH Terms: ... 
Цитируется: 6 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3) [HTML]SA Batts, NJ Anthis, TC Smith - PLoS Biol, 2008 -
Scientific discovery occurs in the lab one experiment at a time, but science itself moves forward 
based on a series of ongoing conversations, from a Nobel Prize winner's acceptance speech 
to collegial chats at a pub. When these conversations flow into the mainstream, they ... 
Цитируется: 6 - Похожие статьи - Сохраненная копия - Все версии статьи (13)
L Reddy, RE Allan, KAG Campbell - Plant Breeding, 2006 -
Abstract In wheat, variation at the orthologus Vrn-1 loci, located on each of the three 
genomes, A, B and D, is responsible for vernalization response. A dominant Vrn-1a allele on 
any of the three wheat genomes results in spring habit and the presence of recessive ... 
Цитируется: 4 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [HTML]X Wang, G Kapral, L Murray, D Richardson, J … - Journal of mathematical …, 2008 - Springer
Page 1. J. Math. Biol. (2008) 56:253–278 DOI 10.1007/s00285-007-0082-x Mathematical Biology
RNABC: forward kinematics to reduce all-atom steric clashes in RNA backbone Xueyi Wang ·
Gary Kapral · Laura Murray · David Richardson · Jane Richardson · Jack Snoeyink ... 
Цитируется: 4 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [HTML]JE Pérez, C Alfonsi, M Nirchio, J Barrios - INTERCIENCIA-CARACAS …, 2006 -
One of the most relevant topics in the biology of invasion concerns an inbreeding paradox: how 
do exotic species that usually invade new territories in small numbers, thus suffering the effects 
of inbreeding, become successful invaders. To explain this paradox, it has been argued ... 
Цитируется: 4 - Похожие статьи - Сохраненная копия - Все версии статьи (6) [HTML]GG Dimijian - Proceedings (Baylor University. Medical Center), 2005 -
Sexual reproduction in animals and plants is far more prevalent than asexual reproduction, and 
there is no dearth of hypotheses attempting to explain why. Even bacteria and viruses, which 
reproduce by cloning, engage in promiscuous horizontal gene exchange (“parasexual ... 
Цитируется: 4 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)
GR Dixon - 2007 -
of Tropical Horticulture, University of the West Indies, Barbados, and Alun Rees, Horticultural 
Consultant and formerly Editor, Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology. This ... 
Цитируется: 7 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [PDF]RY Lokhov, AR Lokhov - European Journal of Natural History, 2007 -
Our experiment proves conception, that interference of radiation frequency of wave energy 
hγ≈1013 Hz of АТР synthesis in plasmatic part of respiratory chain and resonance absorption 
of this energy frequencies by cellular genetic elements is physical nature of initiating ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]L Krishnaswamy, T Peterson - Plant Biology, 2007 -
Abstract: Lolle et al. reported a high frequency of genomic changes in Arabidopsis plants carrying 
the hothead mutation and proposed that the changes observed were the result of a gene correction 
system mediated by a hypothetical RNA cache. Here, we propose a very different ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [PDF]LA Katz - Current Biology, 2006 - Elsevier
In contrast to many of the other 'omics' — proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and so forth 
— epigenomics does not simply enhance genome sciences, but instead challenges the concept 
of the linearity between genome and phenotype (Figure 1). Definitions of epigenetics vary ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (6) [PDF]P Hanus, B Goebel, J Dingel, J Weindl, J Zech, … - … Engineering (Archiv fur …, 2007 - Springer
Abstract The DNA sequencing efforts of the past years together with rapid progress in sequencing 
tech- nology have generated a huge amount of sequence data available in public molecular 
databases. This recent development makes it statistically feasible to apply uni- versal ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (8) [HTML]J Li, AM Brunner, R Meilan, SH … - Tree physiology, 2009 -
High stability of transgene expression is essential for functional genomics studies using transformation 
approaches and for application of genetic engineering to commercial forestry. We quantified 
expression of two reporter genes, green fluorescent protein (GFP) and the herbicide ... 
Цитируется: 5 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (9) [PDF]S Fournier - 2005 -
Je remercie tr`es sinc`erement Christophe Claramunt, qui m'a permis de découvrir le do- maine 
des SIG et du raisonnement spatial, et Thomas Devogele pour avoir accepté de diriger et de 
co-encadrer cette th`ese et d'avoir assuré ma formation de chercheur, ce qui n'a pas dû ... 
Цитируется: 6 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]K Moch - Gutachten im Auftrag des Bundesamtes für …, 2006 -
Titelbild: Foto links oben: Skizze zum Ablauf des Gene silencing Foto rechts oben: Petunie 
( Foto links unten: Petunien, (entnommen und verändert aus NAPOLI 
C, LEMIEUX C, JORGENSEN R (1990): Introduction of a chimeric chalcone synthase ... 
Цитируется: 5 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (24) [PDF]X Wang, JS Snoeyink, W Wang, J … - … Conference on Scientific …, 2007 -
We present a novel application of graph database mining to identify tertiary motifs in RNA 
structures. In our method, we abstract an RNA molecule as a labeled graph and use a frequent 
subgraph mining technique to derive tertiary motifs. By applying our technique to ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (8) [PDF]AK Mukhopadhyay - Frontier Perspectives, 2008 - akmukhopadhyayconsciousness. …
Abstract This paper focuses on a possible fundamental nature and character of information. It 
develops arguments on the primacy of information in the context of its relationship with 
space, time and energy, self, memes and genes. For investigating these relationships ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)
I Siddiqi - Journal of Biosciences, 2005 - Springer
According to Mendel's rules, genes are passed on from one generation to the next in a stable 
manner and there is a continuity to the process: each allele of a gene carried by an individual 
is identical to a copy that is present in the genome of its parent(s). There are exceptions to ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4) [PDF]M Nowostawski - 2008 -
Author's full name and year of birth: Mariusz Nowostawski, (for cataloguing purposes) 18 January 
1973 ... Permanent Address: 23 Tensing Street, Pine Hill, Dunedin, NZ ... I agree that this thesis 
may be consulted for research and study purposes and that reasonable quotation may be ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (5)
P Groeneveld, AH Stouthamer, HV … - FEBS Journal, 2009 -
There is considerable interest in what determines the rate at which reproductive growth 
occurs. This issue is most intriguing for the 'maximum' growth rate (Jgrowth-max) of the fastest 
independently replicating organism, relatives of which are used commercially as 'living ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [HTML]R Mercier, S Jolivet, J Vignard, S Durand, J … - Genetics, 2008 - Genetics Soc America
IN Arabidopsis, the reappearance of HTH (HOTHEAD) alleles from the grandparents in the offspring 
of homozygous hth mutants reported by LOLLE et al. (2005) is not consistent with classical Mendelian 
genetics. Several explanations have been put forward to explain this unexpected ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7)
R Mauricio - The New phytologist, 2005 -
1. New Phytol. 2005 Oct;168(1):1-4. The 'bricolage' of the genome elucidated through
evolutionary genomics. Mauricio R. Comment on: New Phytol. 2005 Oct;168(1):71-
80. PMID: 16159315 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]. ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3) [PDF]G Witzany - Semiotica, 2006 -
Within the last decade, thousands of studies have described communication processes in and 
between organisms. Pragmatic philosophy of biology views communication processes as 
rule-governed sign-mediated interactions (rsi's). As sign-using individuals exhibit a ... 
Цитируется: 3 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (6)
SJ Lolle, RE Pruitt, JL Victor, JM Young - Nature, 2006 -
The results obtained by Peng et al. 1 are consistent with an increased amount of outcrossing 
in hth mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. Some of the results, such as the acquisition of a novel 
transgene, would be difficult to explain by any other mechanism. Outcrossing was a ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4) [PDF]НА Колчанов, ВВ Суслов - … биосферы биоразнообразия. М.: Т-во научн …, 2006 -
Рост сложности организмов - глобальный тренд эволюции. Кодирование сложности по 
современным молекулярно-генетическим данным выглядит как сложный процесс 
интер- ференции различных кодов. Качественно более высокая сложность эвкариот ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML
M Koornneef, D Meinke - The Plant Journal, 2010 -
Received 21 August 2009; revised 29 October 2009; accepted 6 November 2009. *For correspondence 
(fax +49 221 5062413; e-mail ... Twenty-five years ago, Arabidopsis 
thaliana emerged as the model organism of choice for research in plant biology. A ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)
DA Trott, ACG Porter - BioEssays, 2006 -
Summary Two mechanisms are available for the repair of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) 
in eukaryotic cells: homol- ogy directed repair (HDR) and non-homologous end- joining 
(NHEJ). While NHEJ is not restricted to a particular phase of the cell cycle, it is incapable ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4)
DL Chalker - Current Biology, 2005 - Elsevier
A question that has been little explored is whether mechanisms exist that can directly transmit 
the epigenetic programs of the maternal and paternal genomes to the unprogrammed genome 
of developing offspring. In a recent issue of Current Biology, Nowacki et al. [1] report the ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7)
SJ Lolle, JL Victor, JM Young, RE Pruitt - Nature, 2005 -
Chaudhury suggests that the information required to restore correct genetic sequences in hth 
mutant plants could be stored in short stretches of nucleotide sequence within the genome 1 
. Although the sequences required for restoration are indeed present in the genome, the ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4)
P Godfrey-Smith - Biology and Philosophy, 2007 - Springer
On the first page of Evolution in Four Dimensions, Jablonka and Lamb (J&L) claim that ''biological 
thinking about heredity and evolution is undergoing a revolutionary change'' (p. 1). The views 
that are allegedly being replaced include the orthodox gene-centered approach to cell ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3) [PDF]RA Cartwright, I think that Lolle… - De Rerum Naturas On the nature of … -
A new paper by Susan Lolle, Robbert Pruitt, and collegues at Purdue Univeristy is making some 
press. The NY Times covered it in a story entitled, Startling Scientists, Plant Fixes Its Flawed 
Gene. Carl Zimmer has discussed it on his blog: Move Over, Mendel (But Don't Move Too ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)
DE Gottschling - Epigenetics, 2007 -
2■ 1 CHAPTER 1 Introduction In the summer of 2004, the 69th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium 
on Quantitative Biology covered the topic of “Epigenetics,” and many of the authors of this book 
were in attendance. As an observer at this Symposium, I knew this was going to be an ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]P Hanus, J Dingel, J Zech, J Hagenauer, JC … - … on Information Theory …, 2007 - Citeseer
Abstract—A variety of distance measures has been developed in information theory, proven 
useful in the application to digital information systems. According to the fact, that the information 
for a living organism is stored digitally on the information carrier DNA, it seems intuitive to ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (4) [PDF]SJ Prohaska, PF Stadler - … Biology, Armacao Dos Buzios, Rio De …, 2008 -
Biomedical Informatics, Arizona State University, PO-Box 878809, Tempe, AZ 85287, USA, and 
Center for Evolutionary Functional Genomics, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (11)
T Tallberg - International journal of biotechnology, 2007 - Inderscience
Abstract: Cancer therapy should aim to prevent recurrent disease. Surgery and toxic treatments 
remove only symptoms associated with cancer without trying to intervene in the aetiology, therefore 
the disease may recur. The autologous cancer vaccine supplemented with ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (9)

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Nature, extent and developmental regulation of somagenetic variations

XQ Li - CAB Rev Perspect Agric Vet Sci Nutr Nat Resour, 2008
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи [HTML]JR Preer Jr - Genetics, 2006 - Genetics Soc America
IN the late 1930s when Tracy Sonneborn was in graduate school and just starting his work on 
the genetics of protozoa, classical studies on genetics were almost finished. The second edition 
of Principles of Genetics by EW SINNOTT and LC DUNN (1932) that appeared in that ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (10) [PDF]K Weiss - Evolutionary Anthropology, 2006 -
The so-called central dogma of biol- ogy is that DNA sequence is a code that specifies amino 
acid sequences via a messenger RNA (mRNA) inter- mediate in a one-way feed-forward transfer 
of information. It's curious that scientists, who proclaim that ev- erything is always open to ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (4)

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Going back to Darwin's works

I Till-Bottraud, OE Gaggiotti - Trends in plant science, 2006 - 万方数据资源系统
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4)
MF Siomos - FEBS Journal, 2009 -
Two hundred years after the birth of the British natu- ralist and writer Charles Darwin 
(1809–1882) (Fig. 1A), and 150 years after his seminal publication On the Origin of Species by 
Means of Natural Selec- tion, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2)
L für Nachrichtentechnik -
Page 1. TECHNISCHE UNIVERSIT¨AT M¨UNCHEN Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik
Communication theory applied to selected problems in computational genetics Janis
Dingel Vollständiger Abdruck der von der Fakultät für ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи [PDF]GG Mitchell - 2007 - Citeseer
Page 1. Evolutionary Computation Applied to Combinatorial Optimisation Problems by George
G. Mitchell B.Sc. M.Sc. Supervisor: Prof. Barry McMullin Internal Examiner: Dr. Darragh
O'Brien External Examiners: Dr. Inman Harvey & Dr. Michael O'Neill ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (10) [PDF]ВД Артюх, ПП Гаряев, АА Кокая, ЕА Леонова- … - 2007 -
Методика исследования. физическая часть. Методика исследования. биологическая 
часть. Обсуждение результатов Общее обсуждение экспериментальных результатов. теоретические 
модели. 1.Эндогенные поляризационно-голографические события в биосистемах. 2. ... 
Цитируется: 1 - Похожие статьи - В виде HTML [PDF]X Wang, ED Sontag - J. Math. Biol, 2008 - Citeseer
Abstract The multisite phosphorylation-dephosphorylation cycle is a motif repeat- edly used in 
cell signaling. This motif itself can generate a variety of dynamic behaviors like bistability and 
ultrasensitivity without direct positive feedbacks. In this paper, we study the number of ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (11) [PDF]MH van Wieren -
Concerning the microscopic perspective in the biological context, we present a model for 
kinesin, a molecular motor responsible for many important cel- lular processes that require 
work. Kinesin is capable of transforming chemi- cally stored energy into work through a ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (4) [HTML]PK Dhar, A Giuliani - Systems and Synthetic Biology, 2010 - Springer
Abstract Finding fundamental organizing principles is the current intellectual front end of systems 
biology. From a hydrogen atom to the whole cell level, organisms manage massively parallel 
and massively interactive processes over several orders of magnitude of size. To manage ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (6) [PDF]C Winefield, BR Jordan - AND BIOTECHNOLOGY OF -
9 Biotechnology of Floral Development C. Winefield AND BR Jordan Cell Biology Group, Agriculture 
and Life Sciences Division, Lincoln University, PO Box 84, Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand 
Introduction The understanding of floral development at a molecular level has proceeded ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Meeting report based on the presentations at the FEBS Workshop'Adaptation Potential in Plants' 2009 (Vienna, Austria)

MF Siomos - FEBS Journal, 2009 - Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Похожие статьи [PDF]M Baccarini, R Machné - Citeseer
Die Mitogen-aktivierte Protein (MAP) Kinase Kaskade ist ein weit ver- breitetes Modul in zellularen 
Signaltransduktions-Netzwerken von Eu- karyoten. Sie besteht aus zwei Serin/Threonin 
Kinasen, gekoppelt mit einer dazwischengeschalteten Threonin/Tyrosin Kinase und hat ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (5) [PDF]P Portin - Hereditas, 2009 -
In recent years geneticists have witnessed many significant observations which have seriously 
shaken the traditional concept of the gene. These specifically include the facts that (1) the boundaries 
of transcriptional units are far from clear; in fact, whole chromo- somes if not the whole ... 
Цитируется: 2 - Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (4) [PDF]PZ Xu, S Yuan, Y Li, HY Zhang, XD Wang, HH … - …, 2007 -
Abstract: Classic Mendelian genetics declares that hybrids inherit genomic information from both 
male and female pa- rents, and that alleles should be heterozygous in F 1 plants. A few exceptions 
to this principle have been reported, but most of them are restricted to either a limited set ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (6) [HTML]A Nandy - 2009 -
DNA sequences seen in the normal character-based representation appear to have a formidable 
mixing of the four nucleotides without any apparent order. Nucleotide frequencies and distributions 
in the sequences have been studied extensively, since the simple rule given by Chargaff ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (7) [PDF]J Wirz -
Pablo Jensen (2001), science historian and quantum physicist at Claude-Bernard 
University, Lyon, masterfully describes the potentials and limitations of a quantum physical view 
of the macroscopic world. ... 'Rigorously explaining the properties of various materials ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML [PDF]PW Simon -
This series examines economically important horticultural crops selected from the major production 
systems in temperate, subtropical and tropical climatic areas. Systems represented range from 
open field and plantation sites to protected plastic and glass houses, growing rooms and ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [HTML]R Parker -
The Philosophy of the Implicit is a new way of thinking which reunites science and 
spirituality, carrying each forward in new and exciting ways. Although the core concepts are very 
simple, they are difficult to explain, because the old ways of thinking are implicit in the ... 
Сохраненная копия
A Interciencia, JE Pérez, C Alfonsi, M Nirchio, J Barrios, … -
Interciencia. Asociación Interciencia. ISSN (Versión impresa): 0378-1844.
VENEZUELA. 2006. Julio E. Pérez / Carmen Alfonsi / Mauro Nirchio / Jorge Barrios. THE
INBREEDING PARADOX IN INVASIVE SPECIES. Interciencia,. julio, año/vol. ... 
Сохраненная копия
C SPADAFORA - Male-mediated developmental toxicity, 2007 -
CHAPTER 20 New Genetic Information Generated by Endogenous Reverse Transcription in 
Sperm Cells CORRADO SPADAFORA Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Viale Regina Elena 299, 
00161, Rome, Italy 20.1 Introduction In an article published in 1989, 1 we reported that ... 
Похожие статьи [PDF]P Andras, C Andras - Viva Origino, 2006 -
Andras1* and Csaba Andras2 1School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle, Newcastle
upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, UK 2Department of Technology and Natural Sciences, ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)

[PDF] WJBC [PDF]G Witzany - World, 2010 -
This article describes a coherent biocommunication cate- gorization for the kingdoms of 
bacteria, fungi and plants. The investigation further shows that, besides biotic sign use in 
trans-, inter- and intraorganismic communication processes, a common trait is ... 
В виде HTML [PDF]LM Rocha -
Page 1. Reality is Stranger than Fiction What can Artificial Life do about Advances in
Biology? Luis M. Rocha School of Informatics and Cognitive Science Program, Indiana
University, USA and FLAD Computational Biology Collaboratorium ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (4)
H Pearson -
In a discovery that rips up the rulebook of genetics, researchers in France have shown that 
RNA, rather than its more famous cousin DNA, might be able to ferry information from one generation 
of mice to the next. ... DNA has long been credited with the job of passing traits from ... 
Похожие статьи - Сохраненная копия [PDF]G Lucia, MR Castiglione, G Martini, C Geri, VN … - CARYOLOGIA-FIRENZE …, 2007 -
Abstract — Reproduction in plants has been thoroughly studied and abundant information is 
currently available in scientific literature. Here we present new data related to a process of DNA 
modulation along the meiotic steps, first described 50 years ago, but never further ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML
A FitzGerald, DP O'Donoghue - … of the 12th annual conference comp …, 2010 -
ABSTRACT This paper examines a repair technique that enables evolutionary algorithms to 
handle constraints. This repair technique, known as GeneRepair, repairs invalid individuals so 
that all problem constraints are met by every individual in the population. GeneRepair is ... [HTML]LM Rocha - … for the" Biocomplexity" discussion section at …, 2007 -
Citation: LM Rocha [2007]."Reality is Stranger than Fiction: What can Artificial Life do about Advances 
in Biology?". Invited presentation for the "Biocomplexity" discussion section at the 9th European 
Conference on Artificial Life, September 12, 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. 
Сохраненная копия [PDF]A FitzGerald, DO'Donoghue - … Problem Solving from Nature–PPSN X, 2008 - Springer
Abstract. It has recently been proposed that the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana (thale 
cress), uses a newly discovered genetic repair system to repair errors at the genetic level. A. 
thaliana uses information from the grandparent's genes as a basis for this correction – so ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Response to Till-Bottraud and Gaggiotti: Going back to Darwin's works

Y Liu - Trends in Plant Science, 2006 - 万方数据资源系统
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5) [PDF]Z Jones - Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research, 2007 - Intellect
Overview My current foundry research methods combine a calculus of physics, grid computation 
(supercomputer) algorithms, systems modelling for simula- tion and biochemistry with classical 
foundry techniques. The aim of this fusion is a sculptural work in cast metal that gives ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]T Sgouros -
Introduction One of the longstanding philosophical puzzles that lurks around research into cognition 
is the source of creativity. The more that researchers learn about how brains work, the fewer 
places there seem to be that one might look for the presum- ably unpredictable forces that ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2) [HTML]A Gawrylewski -
Most scientists might feel a burst of pride to have their research compared to one of the most 
significant scientific accomplishments of the past 50 years, but Lolle felt sick to her stomach. Her 
findings on the weedy plant and model organism, Arabidopsis thaliana, were so ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2)
G Witzany - Biocommunication and Natural Genome Editing - Springer
Abstract Plants are sessile, highly sensitive organisms that actively compete for environmental 
resources both above and below the ground. They assess their sur- roundings, estimate how 
much energy they need for particular goals, and then realise the optimum variant. They ... 
Похожие статьи [PDF]WA Knight - 2005 - Citeseer
Page 1. The Ribosome Builder: A Software Project to Simulate the Ribosome by William A. Knight
B.Sc. California Polytechnic State University, United States, 1990 presented in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of Doctorate The University of Montana ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML [PDF]EI OF -
Beginning with Mendel, plant research has been the source of revolutionary discover- ies that 
have changed our views of hered- ity. Therefore, baffling new observations in plant genetics 
that challenge current con- cepts continue a long tradition. One of these challenges ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML [HTML]K Mochizuki - Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews‐RNA - Wiley Online Library
Extensive programmed rearrangement of DNA, including DNA elimination, chromosome 
fragmentation, and DNA unscrambling, takes place in the newly developed macronucleus during 
the sexual reproduction of ciliated protozoa. Recent studies have revealed that two ... [PDF]YS Liu, XM Zhou, MX Zhi, XJ Li, QL Wang - J Appl Genet, 2009 -
In 1906, the late William Bateson coined the word genetics in his inaugural address to the Third 
Con- ference on Hybridization and Plant-Breeding: “I suggest for the consideration of this Congress 
the term Genetics, which sufficiently indicates that our labours are devoted to the ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (6) [PDF]G Witzany - tripleC-Cognition, Communication, Co-operation, 2008 -
Abstract Far from being mechanistic interactions, communication processes within and between 
organisms are sign-mediated interactions. Such interactions are the precondition for all cooperation 
and coordination between at least two biological agents such as organisms, organs, ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (12)
R Gallagher -
As I write this, a scientific field is tearing itself apart on our Web site (see
/MRSA). There have been vitriolic personal attacks in the voluminous exchanges of the sort 
we've unfortunately come to expect. The topic - the regulation of toxin genes in ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]A Agrawal - Harvard Science Review, 2005 -
Mendelian Genetics Gregor Mendel is often called the fa- ther of modern genetics because of 
his landmark 1865 paper, “Experiments on Plant Hybrids.” Over a period of eight years, Mendel 
tracked seven different characteristics in over 33,500 pea plants that were grown behind ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)
HL Niman - US Patent App. 12/006,795, 2008 - Google Patents
(i9) United States (12) Patent Application Publication Niman US 20090232843A1 (io) Pub. 
No.: US 2009/0232843 Al (43) Pub. Date: Sep. 17, 2009 (54) IDENTIFYING AND PREDICTING 
INFLUENZA VARIANTS AND USES THEREOF (76) Inventor: Henry L. Niman, Pittsburgh, ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3) [PDF]G Ivanovas, V Tomaras - Komplementäre und Integrative Medizin, 2008 -
Während einer Hitzewelle in Frankreich starben zwischen dem 4. und 18. Au- gust 2003 etwa 
15.000 Menschen, und etwa 50.000 Menschen starben im Win- ter 2003/2004 in Großbritannien 
durch Kälteeinwirkung, allein 2.500 in einer Woche. Zumindest in Frankreich war dies ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)
P Jeanteur - Bulletin du Cancer, 2005 -
Énoncées en 1865, les fameuses lois de Mendel décrivant l'hérédité des caractères génétiques 
chez les organismes supérieurs semblaient inoxydables à l'épreuve du temps. Certes, depuis 
les années 1980, on connaissait déjà des exceptions mais que l'on peut expliquer ... 
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (3) [PDF]L von Georg Menting -
Die ostafrikanischen Seen sind für ihre große Artenvielfalt an endemischen Buntbarschen 
(Cichliden) berühmt. Geologische Indizien sprechen dafür, dass sich die Bildung neuer Arten 
außerordentlich rasch vollzogen haben muss. Die in Rede stehende Zeiträume von ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]ВД Артюх, ПП Гаряев, АА Кокая, ЕА Леонова- … -
Артюх В.Д., Гаряев П.П., Кокая А.А., Леонова-Гаряева Е.А., Мулдашев Э.Р., Мухина И.В., 
... Смелов М.В., Товмаш А.В., Чалкин С.Ф., Шатров Я.К., Ягужинский Л.С.1 ... Теоретические 
модели волновой генетики и воспроизведение волнового ... Многие исследователи ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML [PDF]G Witzany -
Abstrakt: Bei der Erklärung der Entstehung neuer Arten gibt es momentan zwei konkurrierende 
Modelle. Das traditionelle neo-darwinistische Erklärungsmodell favorisiert zufällige Mutationen 
und deren Selektion. Die von den Neo-Darwinisten angenommenen Mutationen ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (3) [PDF]M Lirias -
Concerning the microscopic perspective in the biological context, we present a model for 
kinesin, a molecular motor responsible for many important cel- lular processes that require 
work. Kinesin is capable of transforming chemi- cally stored energy into work through a ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2)

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ] Dsp1 favorise le recrutement des protéines du groupe Polycomb sur la chromatine

J Déjardin, G Cavalli
Похожие статьи - Все версии статьи (5)
El objetivo de este curso es actualizar a los alumnos en el conocimiento de la estructura y el 
funcionamiento del genoma vegetal tal como se lo concibe hoy en día, a la luz de las evidencias 
moleculares y citológicas surgidas en los últimos años. También se examinará su ... 
Похожие статьи - Сохраненная копия
El objetivo de este curso es actualizar a los alumnos en el conocimiento de la estructura y el 
funcionamiento del genoma vegetal tal como se lo concibe hoy en día, a la luz de las evidencias 
moleculares y citológicas surgidas en los últimos años. También se examinará su ... 
Сохраненная копия [PDF]A Linnenbrink -
1. Mayer A, Taguchi T, Linnenbrink A, Hofmann C, Luzhetskyy A, Bechthold A: LanV, a bifunctional 
enzyme involved in aromatization and dehydration during landomycin A synthesis. ChemBioChem 
2005, 6: 2312-2315. ... 2. Luzhetskyy A, Weiss H, Chargé A, Welle E, Linnenbrink A, ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (2) [PDF]J Déjardin, G Cavalli - M/S: médecine sciences, 2005 -
Érudit est un consortium interuniversitaire sans but lucratif composé de l'Université de 
Montréal, l'Université Laval et l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Il a pour mission la promotion 
et la valorisation de la recherche. Érudit offre des services d'édition numérique de ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML - Все версии статьи (3) [PDF]K Schmidt -
Was ist ein Gen? Bis vor wenigen Jahren schien die Antwort auf diese Frage, abgesehen von 
einigen Kontroversen um definitorische Details, klar zu sein: Ein Gen ist ein fest um- grenzter 
Abschnitt der DNA, dessen Basensequenz für die Sequenz eines funktionalen Pro- ... 
В виде HTML [PDF]Г Лингвистико - 2009 -
Знаю П.П.Гаряева со студенческих времен, когда мы вместе учились на биофаке МГУ — 
он на кафедре молекулярной биологии, я — на кафедре эмбриологии. Уже тогда у нас были 
попытки понять молекулярные механизмы превращения ... В книге П.П. Гаряева « ... 
Похожие статьи - В виде HTML [PDF]M Informatique - 2005 - Citeseer
Équipe d'accueil : IRISA École Doctorale : Mathématiques, Informatique, Signal et Électronique 
et Télécommunications (MATISSE) Composante universitaire : IFSIC ... Environnement adaptatif 
d'exécution distribuée d'applications dans un contexte mobile ... M. : Daniel H ERMAN ... 
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RESUMEN Definir un gen es una tarea difícil y cada vez más complicada. Dado su interés en 
muchas disciplinas, algunos pensamos que debe reflejar un concepto global que incluya la 
mayoría de los elementos estructurales y fun- cionales que lo componen. En esta ... 
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PDF Version - Cahiers Agricultures, 2005 -
Au cours de la première moitié du xx e siècle, on distinguait des acides thymonucléiques (les 
actuels ADN), abondants dans les cellules de thymus, et des acides zymonucléiques (les ARN 
d'aujourd'hui), largement représentés dans le cytoplasme des cellules de levure. À ... 
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Zusammenfassung Der rasche Fortschritt in der molekularen Biologie kann nicht darüber 
hinweg- täuschen, dass die grundlegende Beziehung zwischen den Erscheinungsformen der 
Organismen (Phänotyp) und ihrer genetischen Konstitution (Genotyp) noch weitgehend ... 
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