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Впервые рецепторы опознавания паттерна PRR были открыты у растений [1] = {pcp121}.
\bibitem{pcp121} [1] Song WY, Wang GL, Chen LL, Kim HS, Pi LY, Holsten T, Gardner J, Wang B, Zhai WX, Zhu LH, Fauquet C, Ronald P (December 1995). «A receptor kinase-like protein encoded by the rice disease resistance gene, Xa21». Science 270 (5243): 1804–6. PMID 8525370.

WY Song, GL Wang, LL Chen, HS Kim, LY Pi… - Science, 1995 -
... kinase-like proteins that have been studied to date carry serine-threoninespecificity in the kinase
domain (2). One of these pro- Fig. ... clones were inoculated with Xoo to test for to demonstrate that
the plant receptor ki- The analysis described above suggested resistance ... A lambda ... 
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