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Integrative Plant Sciences

Integrative Plant Sciences

Research Includes

  • Biofuels
  • Cell Biology and Morphogenesis
  • Cell Metabolism
  • Cell Signaling
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Development
  • Genetics
  • Genomics
  • Plant Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Plant Interaction with the Environment
  • Plant Interaction with the Pathogens

  • Hot Topic

    • Cellular Dynamics in Plants. Click HERE To Read More.

    • Training Group Mission

      The Integrative Plant Sciences graduate program provides an opportunity for students to study a diverse array of aspects of plant sciences, including growth and development, cell biology, reproduction, physiology, metabolism, and gene expression. Students are provided with a broad-based curriculum that focuses on the study of basic plant sciences. Students conduct research employing multidisciplinary approaches to examine the biology of plants including molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics. The research of Plant Biology group emphasizes basic plant sciences; however, many students are involved in projects that evaluate the biotechnological opportunities that stem from their research.

      Faculty Membership

      FacultyResearch Area
      Anderson, Joseph M.Plant host-viral interactions; identification, characterization of molecular markers for resistance genes; cellular and functional genomics
      Banks, Jo AnnPlant development and evolution
      Carpita, Nicholas C.Structure and biosynthesis of the plant cell wall; gene discovery in cell wall biology; improvement of grasses as lignocellulosic bioenergy crops
      Chapple, ClintBiochemistry and molecular biology of plant secondary metabolism
      Chen, ZhixiangPlant disease resistance; regulation of gene expression and signal transduction during plant defense responses to microbial pathogens
      Dilkes, BrianThe genetic basis of reproductive barriers Cost effective comparative genomics
      Dudareva, NataliaMolecular mechanisms of floral scent formation in plants
      Gelvin, Stanton B.Mechanism of the transfer to and expression of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti-plasmid in plant cells
      Goldsbrough, PeterPhysiology and genetics of adaptation to environmental stress
      Handa, Avtar K.Signal transduction, Transcription and gene regulation, High temperature stress, Growth factors/hormones/polyamines, Plant growth and development, Senescence, Phytonutrients, Fruit quality and postharvest shelf life
      Jackson, Scott A.Comparative genomics; physical mapping; interphase nuclear architecture; soybean genetics
      Johal, Gurmukh (Guri)Molecular Genetics and Pathology - molecular and genetic basis of maize's interaction with fungal pathogens; disease lesion mimic mutants and programmed cell death in maize
      Ma, JianxinComparative, Evolutionary, and Translational Genomics
      McCann, MaureenPlant extracellular matrix and cell differentiation
      Meilan, RichardGenetic mechanisms of tree growth
      Mengiste, TesfayeMolecular Genetics of Plant Immunity - with emphasis on host defense response to necrotrophic fungi
      Mizukami, YukikoDevelopmental mechanisms that control organ size, cell size and stem cell maintenance in plants using the model plant Arabidopsis
      Murphy, AngusAuxin-related growth, Herbicide metabolism, and ABC transporter and metalloprotease structure/function
      Ogas, Joseph P.Regulation of cell identity, signal transduction, chromatin remodeling
      Ohm, HerbPlant breeding and genetics
      Peer, Wendy A.Molecular physiology and evolution, cell cycle, flavonoids
      Porterfield, David MarshallPhysiological sensing technologies for research applications in biology, agriculture, and medicine
      Pruitt, RobertPlant molecular genetics, development and cellular interactions
      Rhodes, DavidPlant metabolic adaptations to environmental stress
      Salt, David E.Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the ionome, or elemental composition, of plants
      Schulz, BurkhardPlant biochemical and molecular genetics
      Scofield, StevenGenetic Improvement of Economic Crops
      Staiger, ChrisCytoskeletal function during plant and fungal development and in response to environmental signals
      Szymanski, DanielThe cell signaling and cytoskeletal basis of plant growth mechanisms in model and crop species
      Weil, Clifford F.Maize genetics, genomics, value-added traits
      Zanis, MichaelEvolution and genetics of plant form and development, plant systematics and phylogenetic methodology, evolution of genetic networks

      Student Membership

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