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DEPARTMENT OF PLANT SYSTEMS BIOLOGY Факультет биологии растительных систем

VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University

Technologiepark 927

9052 Gent, BELGIUM

Гентский университет (нидерл. Universiteit Gent, сокращённо — UGent) один из трех крупнейших фламандских университетов. Расположен в историческом городе Гент во Фландрии, нидерландско-говорящей (северной) части Бельгии. В университете обучаются 27 941 студентов и работают около 7 100 сотрудников.

Нам следует взаимодействовать с этим институтом, правда, для начала надо собственное "научное лицо" создать!
As an established institute at the forefront of the plant sciences, our mission is to integrategenetics, genomics and biocomputing to unravel the biology of plants and to further explore the potential of plants to build a sustainable world.

Dirk InzéThe research division "Integrative Plant Biology" encompasses 17 groups and is world-leading in the analysis of the molecular processes that regulate plant growth, plant architecture and the defense mechanisms of plants to environmental cues, in particular drought and oxidative stress. The division has also major activities in the optimization of plants as renewable sources of bio-energy

Yves Van de PeerThe research division "Bioinformatics and Systems Biology" is a center of excellence in gene and genome annotation, comparative and evolutionary genomics, and (top-down) systems biology. In particular, the development and application of bioinformatics approaches to study the structure and evolution of genes, gene families, genomes and genetic networks in plants and other organisms.


square_unityNew technology can be applied to boost crop yields. Press release.
arabid2_50x50Professor Dirk Inzé awarded FWO prize of Excellence.Press release.
small_box_rootNew PhD subjects2010.
poplar_newsflashDo you want to know more about poplar as biofuel source? See links: Poplar files /Dossier populier.


maizeThe global demand for plant-derived products such as feed and food is increasing dramatically, as illustrated by the recent doubling of the price of most commodity crops.


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