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List of human flora

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Bacteroides spp. anaerobically cultured inblood agar medium
Yersinia enterocolitica colonies growing on XLD agar plates

This article lists the species recognized as human flora in humans.



[edit]Whole-body distributed

[edit]Natural cavities


[edit]Hair follicles

[edit]External ear

[edit]Mucous membranes



[edit]Gastro-intestinal tract

[hide]Binomial name↓Location↓
Achromobacter sppLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Acidaminococcus fermentansLarge intestine
Acinetobacter cacoaceticusLarge intestine
Actinomyces sppAmygdala
Actinomyces viscosusMouth
Actinomyces naeslundiiMouth
Aeromonas sppLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitansMouth
Anaerobiospirillum sppFeces
Alcaligenes faecalisLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Arachnia propionicaMouth
Bacillus sppLarge intestine
Bacteroides sppMouth, amygdala
Bacteroides gingivalisMouth
Bacteroides fragilisGeneral distribution
Bacteroides intermediusMouth
Bacteroides melaninogenicusMouth, feces
Bacteroides pneumosintesPharynx
Bascterionema matruchotiiGingiva
Bifidobacterium sppLarge intestine, feces
Buchnera aphidicolaMouth
Butyriviberio fibrosolvensLarge intestine
Campylobacter sppLarge intestine
Campylobacter coliGeneral distribution
Campylobacter sputorumMouth
Campylobacter upsaliensisMouth
Candida albicansMouth
Capnocytophaga sppMouth
Clostridium sppLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Citrobacter freundiiSputum
Clostridium difficileLarge intestine
Clostridium sordelliiStomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectus, anus channel
Corynebacterium sppMouth
Eikenella corrodensGeneral distribution, mouth
Enterobacter cloacaeGeneral distribution
Enterococcus sppMouth, amygdala
Enterococcus faecalisGeneral distribution
Enterococcus faeciumGeneral distribution
Escherichia coliGeneral distribution
Eubacterium sppMouth
Flavobacterium sppLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Fusobacterium sppMouth, amygdala
Fusobacterium nucleatumMouth
Gordonia Bacterium sppSputum
Haemophilius parainfluenzaeMouth
Haemophilus paraphrophilusMouth
Lactobacillus sppMouth, Saliva
Leptotrichia buccalisMouth
Morganella morganiiFeces
Mycobacteria sppLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Mycoplasma sppLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Micrococcus sppMouth, Amygdala
Mycoplasma sppMouth
Mycobacterium chelonaeSputum
Neisseria sppMouth
Neisseria siccaSaliva, sputum
Peptococcus sppMouth, large intestine
Peptostreptococcus sppMouth, amygdala
Plesiomonas shigelloidesGeneral distribution
Porphyromonas gingivalisMouth
Propionibacterium sppLarge intestine
Propionibacterium acnesGeneral distribution
Providencia sppFeces
Pseudomonas aeruginosaLarge intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Ruminococcus bromiiLarge intestine
Rothia dentocariosaMouth
Ruminococcus sppCecum, large intestine
Sarcina sppLarge intestine
Staphylococcus aureusMouth, large intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Staphylococcus epidermidisMouth
Streptococcus anginosusGeneral distribution
Streptococcus mutansTeeth: Dental plaque
Streptococcus oralisTeeth: Dental plaque
Streptococcus pneumoniaeAmygdala
Streptococcus sobrinusTeeth: Dental plaque
Streptococcus viridansMouth, large intestine, small intestine (Ileon)
Torulopsis glabrataMouth
Treponema denticolaMouth
Treponema refringensMouth
Veillonella sppMouth, amygdala, large Intestine
Vibrio sppLarge intestine, Small intestine (Ileon)
Vibrio sputorumMouth
Wolinella succinogenesMouth
Yersinia enterocoliticaLarge intestine

[edit]Respiratory tract

Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph showing Salmonella typhimurium (red) invading cultured human cells
[hide]Binomial name↓Location↓
Acinetobacter sppNasopharynx
Bacteroides pneumosintesPharynx
Bordetella parapertussisGeneral distribution
Campylobacter sputorumNasopharynx
Candida albicansPharynx
Cardiobacterium sppNose
Citrobacter freundiiThroat
Eikenella corrodensGeneral distribution
Haemophilus sppNasopharynx
Haemophilius parainfluenzaePharynx
Haemophilus paraphrophilusPharynx
Kingella sppUpper respiratory Tract
Kingella kingaeUpper respiratory Tract
Moraxella sppNasopharynx
Moraxella catarrhalisNasopharinx
Mycoplasma oraleOropharynx
Mycoplasma pneumoniaeRespiratory epithelium
Neisseria sppNasopharynx
Neisseria cinereaNasopharinx
Neisseria elongataPharynx
Neisseria lactamicaNasopharinx
Neisseria meningitidisNasopharinx
Neisseria mucosaNasopharinx
Neisseria siccaNasopharinx
Peptococcus sppUpper respiratory tract
Peptostreptococcus sppPharynx
Selenomonas sputigenaNasopharynx
Staphylococcus aureusNose
Streptobacillus sppThroat, nasopharinx
Streptococcus constellatusOropharynx
Streptococcus intermediusOropharynx
Streptococcus mitisGeneral distribution
Streptococcus pyogenesUpper respiratory tract
Streptococcus viridansPharynx

[edit]Urogenital tract

[hide]Binomial name↓Location↓
Acinetobacter sppAnterior urethra, vagina
Bacteroides sppExternal genitalia
Bifidobacterium sppVagina
Candida albicansAnterior urethra, external genitalia, vagina
Chlamydia sppUrethra, vagina
Clostridium sppVagina
Coryenbacterium sppAnterior urethra, external genitalia, vagina
EnterobacteriaceaeAnterior urethra, external genitalia, vagina
Streptococcus viridansAnterior urethra, external genitalia, vagina
Eikenella corrodensGeneral distribution
Streptococcus anginosusGeneral distribution
Staphylococcus aureusPerineum
Gardnerella vaginalisFemale reproductive system
Mycoplasma hominisCervix, vagina
Mobiluncus curtisiiVagina
Mobiluncus mulierisVagina

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